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Placements (On-Campus, Off-Campus and Pool Campus)

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First of all, you can’t compare Campus Placements with off-campus placements. Both of them all good in there in own ways. Let’s discuss both of them one by one.


Let’s start discussing ON campus placements first, If you are a college student you must be aware of campus placements, You must have heard “Placements Drives Are Going On”. So Basically what is Campus Placements, Campus Placements means you don’t need to worry about going anywhere, Companies visit your campus after a deal with your college. Companies usually come with an idea to select a minimum number of students. The companies directly contact with the Placement’s Head about there needs. Now let’s talk about the competition in the Campus Placements.

Competition totally depends upon your peers or classmates, the level of there knowledge will depict the level of competition Still the best part is you only have to compete with your mates only. You don’t need to worry about anything, Your college Placement team will arrange everything for the you.

Cons of On-Campus Placement : As we have already discussed that everything is in the hand of the college so it’s all up to your college, with which companies they have good links and which of them will be coming for placements. You can’t expect MNC’s like Google, Facebook visiting your college i.e there is a lesser number of opportunities. In some of the colleges, they can simply freeze you if you are selected in 3 Companies(According to Rules Of College) So the problem is that the package Mass Recruiters provide is very less and it’s very easy for an average student to secure a job there , So the rule is if you are selected in 3 Companies then you can only join the placement session if the salary offered by the company is 3 LPA(Different for every college) more than the package. Companies just provide a nominal package in Campus placements, Placements with higher packages are done off campus.


There’s a term called Pool Placements coming under Campus Placements, Pool Placements means if there are colleges under the affiliation of the university then the students of all the colleges under the affiliation of the university can attend the placement drives of the university or the allocated Campus. Pool Placements comes out to be a plus point for the students of the colleges as they get a chance to join the combined placement drives which is similar to on-campus drive with larger scale.


Off-Campus Placements means Placements are outside the college campus, there is no role of college in these type of placements which means there are no rules and regulations of the college. There is a lot of choices to go for as there are a lot of companies for off-campus placements. Most of the placements with the higher packages are off campus. There is a better chance to get a package according to your talent. As this is outside the campus there is no restriction, you can sit in as many placements programs according to your wish. As there are more students there will surely be more exposure, You’ll meet different people and will surely learn something. Also, there is something called self-satisfaction i.e many of the students have a goal to get selected in the desired company like Google, etc and these big names usually recruit off-campus.

Cons of Off Campus Placements: As there is a number of students for placements sessions which will surely lead to more competition i.e competition in off-campus placements are very high. With more students comes fewer chances as there is something special in everyone and now to selected you need to be at the edge.

Most companies ask for experienced guys in off-campus placements cutting off the way for the freshers. Now as there is no role of college everything is to be done by you, You need to be aware of the date and timings for the placements drives. Companies don’t have any specific number in mind for selecting students, If they are not getting desirous students they will finalize new dates there is no boundation on them to select a specific number of students. As these are not in college so you have to have to move to different cities or states according to the Venue of the Company.

Both the OFF-CAMPUS And ON-CAMPUS PLACEMENTS are good in their own ways. If you are talented and hardworking you’ll working make your own way to your desired company.


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Last Updated : 25 Oct, 2018
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