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PHP Math Functions Complete Reference

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  • Last Updated : 07 Feb, 2023
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The predefined math functions in PHP are used to handle the mathematical operations within the integer and float types. These math functions are part of the PHP core. 

Installation: These functions have not required any installation. The complete list of PHP math functions are given below:

Example: Programs illustrate the decbin() function in PHP:


echo decbin(12);



The complete list of Math Functions are given below:

PHP math Function


abs() Return the absolute (positive) value of a number.
acos() Find the arc cosine of a number in radians.
acosh() Find the inverse hyperbolic cosine of a number passed to it as an argument. 
asin() Find the arc sine of a number in radians.
asinh() Find the inverse hyperbolic sine of a number passed to it as an argument.
atan2() Calculate the arc tangent of two variables x and y passed to it as arguments.
atan() Return tangent of an argument passed to it which has as a numeric value between -Pi/2 and Pi/2 radians.
atanh() Return tangent of a number passed to it as an argument.
base_convert() Convert a number given in an arbitrary base to a desired base.
bindec() Return the decimal equivalent of the binary number
ceil() This is used to round a number to the nearest greater integer.
cos() Find the cosine of a number.
cosh() Find the hyperbolic sine of an angle.
decbin() Return a string containing a binary representation of the given decimal number argument.
dechex() Convert a given decimal number to an equivalent hexadecimal number.
decoct() Return the octal equivalent of a decimal number.
deg2rad() Convert from degrees to radian, this is where the method deg2rad() comes in aid.
exp() Calculate e raised to the power of the given argument.
expm1()  Calculate e raised to the power of the given argument minus one.
fmod() Calculate the Modulo of any division 
hexdec() Converts a hexadecimal number to a decimal number
hypot() Returns the square root of sum of the an square of arguments passed
intdiv() Returns the integer quotient of the division of the given dividend and divisor. 
is_finite() Check whether a given input value is finite or not.
is_infinite() Takes a single parameter which is a float that is to be checked.
is_nan() Checks whether a value is ‘not a number’.
log10() Calculates the base 10 logarithm of a number
log() Calculates the base 10 logarithms of a number
max() Return the maximum value in an array.
min() Return the lowest value in an array. 
mt_rand() Generates a random integer between the specified minimum and maximum values
octdec() Calculate the decimal equivalent of an octal number. 
pi() Return the value of π.
pow() It is used with a number raised to any value.
rad2deg() Represents an angle in Radians.
rand()  Generate a random integer. 
round( Round a floating-point number
sin() Find the sine value of a number.
sinh() Find the hyperbolic sine of an angle.
sqrt() Calculate the square root of a number. 
srand() Seed the random number generator rand(). 
tan() Find the tangent of the argument parameter.
tanh() Find the hyperbolic tangent of an angle passed to it as a parameter.

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