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PHP | gmp_add() for adding large numbers

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  • Last Updated : 13 Apr, 2018

The gmp_add() is a built-in function in PHP which is used to add two GMP numbers (GNU Multiple Precision : For large numbers).

Syntax :

gmp_add ( $num1, $num2 )

Parameters: This function accepts two GMP numbers as mandatory parameters as shown in the above syntax. These can be a GMP object in PHP version 5.6 and later, or a numeric string provided that it is possible to convert the latter to a number. This function adds these two numbers and returns it.

Return Value: This function returns a GMP number which is sum of the two numbers passed as parameter.


Input : "123456789", "987654321"
Output : 1111111110

Input : "5628179032615", "7136454221086"
Output : 12764633253701

Below programs illustrate the gmp_add() function in PHP :

Program 1 :

$sum = gmp_add("5628179032615", "7136454221086");
echo gmp_strval($sum);



Program 2:

$sum = gmp_add("123456789", "987654321");
echo gmp_strval($sum);




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