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PHP convert_uudecode() Function

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  • Last Updated : 18 Dec, 2018
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The convert_uudecode() is a built in function in PHP. This function decode a uuencoded string encoded using convert_uuencode() function. The uudecode() functions makes string into printable form.

 string convert_uudecode(string)

Parameters: The uuencoded string which will be decoded.
Return Type: It returns a decoded string.


 Input : /22!L;W9E(&UY(&EN9&EA`
 Output : I love my india  

Below program shows the working of convert_uudecode() function:

// PHP program illustrate the 
// convert_uudecode() function 
// Input String 
$str = "geeks for geeks!"
// Encoding the string 
$encodeString = convert_uuencode($str); 
// printing encoded string 
echo $encodeString . "\n"
// Decode the string 
$decodeString = convert_uudecode($encodeString); 
// Printing string in decoded format
echo $decodeString



geeks for geeks!
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