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Philips Interview Experience | Set 6 (On-Campus)

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It totally took 3 rounds to final shortlist of students.
Round 1: It is an online test consisting of English, quant+apti and C/C++ technical question. A total of around 45 questions with no negative marking. The time limit is 90 mins.

Round 2: For this round, nearly 30 members are shortlisted. Here the interview asked me regarding my project and what is my role in the project. Later he asked basic questions in c and Java like
*what is the difference struct and union?
*sum and difference of 2 numbers without using a 3rd variable
*Write any recursive program which you are familiar with?
*string vs string Buffer vs string builder?
*code for file handling in Java?

Round 3: It was an HR round.2 people took my Hr round.One was asking about my project and he wants to know my exposure regarding the current evolving technologies like Hadoop, cloud-computing, etc
Other asked pure HR questions like:
*tell me about yourself
*about my family background
*why Philips
*any future plans
*what makes you different from others
*why should we hire you.

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Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2017
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