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Philips Interview Experience | Set 3 (For Philips Innovation Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 20 Dec, 2015
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The Initial shortlisting was done on the basis of Resume.
Written Round
1) English :- 25 questions (25 min)
2) Computer Ability :- 25 questions (35 min)
3) Logical Reasoning :- 15 questions (15 min)
4) Quantitative :- 15 questions (15 min)
The questions were of average difficulty.It was all about managing time.Computer Ability section had questions related to Data Structures,C output,basic DBMS and OOPs concepts.And Quant,LR and English can be prepared from Indiabix
18 people were shortlisting after this round.

Technical Interview

1) Swap two numbers without using a temporary variable -quite an easy one i know :p
2) He checked my OOPs concept and asked questions on Polymorphism
3) Give a practical example of polymorphism that exist in the interview room.
4) What is inline function?When and why it is used?
5) Questions on arrays like WAP which takes i/p & print numbers between 5 to 10.I guess,this was to check how attentively i was listening the questions.
6) SQL questions were there.(Joins and transaction)
7) He asked me about the layers of ISO-OSI model of Computer Networks
8) He asked me about my projects and internship- This was the deciding part in my interview
9) 2 Eggs and 50 floor puzzle. Find N(Threshold floor),while minimizing the number of drops for the worst case
10) 6 lion can kill 6 lamb in 6 mintues.How many lions are required to kill 600 lambs in 6 minutes?
11) Suppose there is a N-floor building and there is a certain threshold floor number from where the egg starts to break if thrown.What is the minimum number
of eggs required to know the threshold floor number?

HR Interview
1) Tell me about yourself- Experiences and achievements?
2) Asked me about family background
3) What are the good qualities in you?
4) Do you have any questions?- I enquired about how much they welcome new ideas of freshers.
He seemed quite convinced

Total Selections- 8

1) As they are hiring for Philips Innovation Campus.If you have any innovations and if you are able to present it well then your chances are really high. I used my projects as a weapon & it worked.Further having research projects adds a bonus as you will be working for R&D here.
2) They were focusing on candidates Communication Skills and personality.So take it easy & communicate really well.
3) They didn’t filter anyone due to GPA in the interviews.So,be confident even if u have got less one. :p

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