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Philips india interview experience

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  • Last Updated : 27 Oct, 2018

Philips India came for software profile. Registration on placements portal(IRIS). Strict cut off 7.0 cgpa. In total there was 4 Round as given below.

1. Aptitude test+two coding question. 2. Technical Interview  3. Managerial Round 4. HR Round

Round 1:Basic aptitude test having four subsection section quant, reasoning, logical and CS question and the second part includes two coding question one question was based on hashing another one was mathematically based.

Round 2:This was the best interview (previously I have already given 5 interviews in CISCO, GEindia, AMD India, Aryaka networks and Graphene health tech), two interviewer were there, questions on oops concepts polymorphism, data abstraction etc were asked.they ask me which programming language do you prefer I said JAVA so they start questioning on JAVA like  exception handling   servlets multithreading some basic C++ question were also asked like diamond problem in C++. most of the questions I explained them by taking pen paper after that they told me to go to white board and explain the Stages of SDLC(software development life cycle) i explained it, after this they aske me about virtual memory, why we use it and how operating system handle page fault etc, questions on semaphores were asked and process synchronisation, after this they moved on linked list programming question and told me to write code on paper, the question was like this given a linked list 10->11->10–12->11->30->40->50->60 i have to return the linekd list 10->11->12->30->40->50->60, we have to make it sorted and remove duplicates from it. I write its code within 5 to 8 minutes in java as java syntax is huge :P, next question was based on polymorphism and i have to conclude the output. Philips india came for software development in healthcare departemnt so they asked some question based on healthcare technology machines like MRI( magnetic resonance imaging) and they asked me wt is resonance? luckily i know it and explained properly with practical example at this point they were highly impressed 😛 in last they asked me about TCP/IP protocols and their differences and some other question based on protocols, my last question was based on classless addressing, and i have to solve it on paper and it was an easy question. my interview last for 1 hour 15 min

Round 3:This was managerial round and the interviewer was discusing only about my projects that i have mentioned in the resume, this round was also good and it last for half hour.

Round 4:This was my final round she was asking basic questions like your name? Native place ? why NITK? why CSE only? your role model? strengths and weakness? why philips india?


total 60 students registered with the iris out of which 25 candidates cleared written test. After final round Total 7 candidates were selected, Out of which two were selected as a software engineer from M.Tech CSE and rest 5 were from MCA as an intern.

Thank you geeksforgeeks for this awesome platform.

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