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Persistent Systems Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus Kolkata 2017)

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Round 1 : Online test 

  1. 60 mcq
  2. Coding round.
  3. Passage writing.

Round 2 : Technical Interview 1

  • First round was the online test which consists of 60 mcq from all Computer science core papers and 5 mathematical aptitude questions.
  • Then section 2 is a coding round in which you need to write a program. It need not be compiled. Third section is passage writing. I cleared this round and was shortlisted for GD.
  • In GD there are two panels. The panel in which I fell was basically a debate panel in which we were given topics to speak either in for or against. Don’t panic PERSISTENT SYSTEMS takes this GD round very fairly. Everyone is given very fair chance to speak.I cleared this round and was immediately moved for technical interview 1.In TR 1 they asked me 2 coding questions and 3 puzzles to be solved in 40 mins but provided 10 mins extra.On providing solutions he cross-examined the solutions with various questions but he was satisfied.The round ended in 1 hour.

Round 3 : Technical Interview 2
Then I was moved to TR 2 where I was asked a coding questions and project related questions. After that he again asked me 3 puzzles.The puzzles are really of great quality so my suggestion is keep solving puzzles daily. Then he said if I had any question for him.I asked him it was my first interview how did you feel interviewing me. He told me two things first was “you are technically sound and you would fit into the kind of role we are offering” second “there are certain areas in which you need to do homework”. Then I was asked to wait out.

HR Round
Within 5 mins I was asked to move to the HR panel. In HR panel she asked me behavioral questions and also about the projects I had done and the problems that came in my path during the project implementation and how I over-comed. During HR I was given the offer letter and I came out. That’s it. Personal suggestion they are looking for someone with sound TECHNICAL knowledge apart from good analytical skills and problem solving capabilities.All the best.

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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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