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Persistent Interview Experience (Virtual)

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  • Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2021
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All the rounds were virtual  

Round 1(Base package) Test was conducted on AMCAT SHL platform :  

  • MCQ and 2 coding questions
  • MCQ was divided into 3 sections  
  • Technical – 20 ques 20 mins (from OS,DBMS,CN,OOP)
  • Logical – 12 ques 15 mins  
  • Verbal – 12 ques 15 mins  

Coding question – 2 (I got an easier question it might vary from person to person)

  1. The first question was to print the sum of digits that was given in an array.
  2. The second question was to find the count of strictly smaller elements based on the given value.

Advance coding round (For higher package (one who got higher marks in first round)) Test was conducted on AMCAT SHL platform:  

2 coding questions with medium-level difficulty. (I didn’t solve it hence I wasn’t eligible for higher package)  

  1. First question was based on line segment where a line segment is drawn on x-axis we have to erase the line segment in a minimum number of turns
  2. Second question was based on strings where 2 binary strings are given and we need to equate the strings on given conditions

Technical Round(Base package) Conducted on AMCAT Smartmeet: The interviewer asked me to introduce myself, he then asked me to tell about my project.

  1. He then asked me to do I know C++ to which I said yes.
  2. Then he started to ask me questions regarding C++, asked me about various questions such as
  3. Diff between C and C++
  4. Diff between Structures and Classes
  5. Diff between malloc and new
  6. Diff between free and delete
  7. OOP concepts such as Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Abstraction Inheritance
  8. Diff types of Inheritance, Polymorphism
  9. Virtual functions and their usage
  10. Classes and objects
  11. Constructors, destructors, and copy constructors
  12. Size of void  
  13. Write a program to implement copy constructor

It was a 30 mins long interview.

HR assessment Test was conducted on AMCAT SHL platform: Here, the personality-based question was asked. 

The round was around 15 minutes.

Be Confident, revise well and be strong with your basics.

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