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Persistent Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 15 Feb, 2022
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First, they do their orientation in online mode explaining the process of recruitment stages of examination the posts they have. They have three posts, first, there was around which include CS fundamentals questions like Operating System , Computer  Networks , DBMS ,Computer Architecture then Aptitude then Logical reasoning then English, and then two Coding question with given time of one hour and was of easy level.

I was shortlisted for the advanced coding round in amcat all exams happen in amcat it consists of two coding questions bigger problem statement and they were of hard level I could not able to done any of them from my college 12 student were shortlisted.

After a month I got a mail of Interview that will going to happen tomorrow 12:35 PM on SHL meet :

Interviewer:  Ask me to send  my cv on chat section , he saw the cv and told me that he don’t want to read it he said just tell me your cv in 4 lines.

Me: I was nervous as it was my first interview I manage to tell him in 7 lines .

Interviewer: Unsatisfied, then he saw OOPS in cv and asked me  four pillar of OOPS.

Me: I told him.

Interviewer: Then he asked me how its look like this four properties.

Me: I don’t understand what is the question I repeatedly telling I don’t understand.

Interviewer: He said left it write code from me for these properties ;

Me: I write it and showed .

Interviewer: Then he asked me pointing to a class what is it.

Me: I told him object.

Interviewer: Then he point another class and asked me what is it.

Me: I make a Blunder here I told him function.

After that he don’t give me the chance to recover and not satisfied any of my coming answers he not asked me any code , OS , DBMS ,CN which is common to persistent . Finally he asked my types of data structure and said I am done do you have any question I asked for feedback he told me that if you write something in your cv you must aware of it nobody knows 100 percent of it but clear understanding of the basics.

Suggestion: I know all the answers but I became nervous he from the starting not give any chance to get comfortable and to recover and thing he repeatedly telling my mistakes to lower my confidence and I also lose hope their my suggestion is don’t think about the result at that time nd take your time before answering.

Verdict: Not Selected but majority from my college students get.

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