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Perfios Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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  • Last Updated : 22 Jan, 2021
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Perfios had recently come to our college to recruit full-time employees for the role of Member of Technical Staff(Software Development Engineer). The interview process was virtual.

Round 1: First we had an online test on Hackerearth, which involved 20 Aptitude questions and 3 coding questions.

Round 2 (Technical): Those who cleared the online test were interviewed in the first Technical Round. 

First, we had a discussion on my projects. Then the interviewer asked about the time complexities of few Data Structures (Mostly Trees)

Then I was asked 3 coding questions on the array, linked list, and tree. The questions are as follows:

Then I was asked a few questions on OS, CN, DBMS. 

  • Process vs Threads
  • TCP vs UDP
  • Design a database (the tables’ names were provided by the interviewer) and then asked me to write queries on the database I designed.

This round went on for 50min

Round 3 (Technical): This round was technical as well. Since I already gave one technical round where all basic concepts were asked, this round was short and was for only 30min.

Here again, we had a discussion on my projects, few questions on OOPs, Java, DBMS.

  1. Difference between Array List and Linked List in Java. Which one will you prefer in which cases?  Why will you prefer it?
  2. I was given 3 classes Car, Engine, and Maruti. I was asked to find out any OOPS related concepts/ relationships I can find from these classes.
  3. Abstract vs Interface and which will you use in which all cases and why?
  4. Time Complexities of searching sorting algorithms.
  5. Explanation of anyone Sorting Algorithm
  6. In DBMS I was again given 2 tables employee and department and was asked to write MYSQL queries based on the requirement.

Round 4 (Managerial): This round was for only 15min.  We had a basic casual talk about the company, my favourite subjects, what I am interested in, my family background, etc..

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