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Paytm Interview Experience (For 2 -3 years Experienced)

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Recently I got a call from the Paytm Money HR team through one Job portal where I have put my profile. Feb 2021

There were total 4 rounds (online test+2 technical on Google Meet +HR)

1. Online Test: There were 2 coding questions asked and 1.5 hrs. Time was given to solve both the problems on the Mettl test platform.

  1. I had to implement alt+tab functionality of computer keyword was recently used window should populate first while pressing alt+tab buttons, for Example [2,3,4,1] four windows are opened in a given order if I recently used 3rd window then the output should be [3,2,4,1]. 

    Using two stacks I solved the problem and all test cases were run.

  2. Count minimum swap to make string palindrome. (

    I could solve this problem partially.

Next day after the test, I got mail that they have shortlisted me for further interview rounds.

2. Technical Interview Round 1:

  1. The interviewer was a very cool person he asked to tell me about yourself and some project-related basic questions that I am currently working on. 
  2. Reverse the linked list using recursion and asked me to write the code, I tried to write the code, but I was stuck while writing the recursion logic, I told him I can write the code without recursion using while loop then he agreed and wrote the code for same.
  3. He asked me to find the loop in the linked list: First I told him the brute force approach using two for loops by comparing each node’s next pointer, he asked me to optimize the problem, I told him o(n) time complexity logic using hash map but, he wanted me to write the logic without any extra space. Then I finally gave him Floyd’s Cycle-Finding Algorithm logic and wrote the code for the same. 
  4. Coding question he asked me to double all zeros in its adjacent index and shift next elements to its right next index and remove the elements which exceed the size of the array.
    For example, Input -[1,2,0,4,0,6,3,8] 
                 Output- [1,2,0,0,4,0,0,6]

    First I gave brute force approach in O(n2) time complexity he asked me to write the code in o(n) time complexity I gave the solution using extra O(n) space in O(n) time complexity.

  5. He asked me about one java related question about the final class and its certain scenarios I gave him an answer, but he was not satisfied and corrected me where I was wrong.
  6. At the last he asked me, do you have any questions? I asked a few of the questions related to the team and project that I was being hired for, I was so nervous after my java question’s answer and asked the recruiter about the feedback and can I expect a second round? , he laughed and told me he can not share my feedback right now.

Luckily next day I got called for the next interview round.

3.Technical Interview Round 2:

  1. First, the interviewer asked me about tell me about yourself then he gave me one coding question find the element in rotated sorted array I told him the first approach by checking all the elements in o(n) time he asked me to optimize further than I told him binary search approach in o(logn) time he asked me to write the code for this approach I started to write the code on notepad but stuck in between then he gave me one hint, and then I wrote complete code.
  2. After that he asked me some web services related questions that I have mentioned in my resume, Hash Map functionality, he asked me one question about all the life cycles in the thread I told him I have never written thread code by myself, but I know how multithreading works in java and explained him. Further, he asked me about DNS and how it works I told him I am not aware of this. 
  3. Later he asked me do you have any question, I asked some questions related to Paytm Company, technologies, etc.
  4. 4. HR Round: This was a very small discussion on the phone where HR asked me why do you want to leave my current job and CTC that they are offering and all.

    Key Points: Do not try to give the answer if you are not aware simply you can tell them that you are not aware and be confident. BEST OF LUCK For your interview.

    Thanks, GeeksforGeeks, I have done all my preparation from here only and your companies wise practice segment helped me a lot.

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Last Updated : 03 Mar, 2021
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