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Paypal Interview Experience for SSE

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 21 Mar, 2022
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Round 1: Hacker rank round: I don’t remember the questions.

Round 2: Technical Round 

  • Brief Intro
  • Given an unsorted array arr of size N of positive integers. One number ‘A’ from set {1, 2, …N} is missing and one number ‘B’ occurs twice in the array. Find these two numbers.
  • You are given N elements and your task is to Implement a Stack in which you can get minimum element in O(1) time.

Round 3:System Design 

  • Brief intro, 
  • Have you worked on Multi-Threading
  • Producer-Consumer Model
  • Method of threads
  • How to wait and notify different from sleep
  • How to make a class immutable, give an example transaction
  • Transaction related question from Spring
  • What is spring AOP, type of AOP
  • Internal Working of HashMap
  • What is Optional, why it is used
  • Difference between Abstraction and interface, Give a real-life example
  • Any design pattern used -> Factory pattern lld
  • HLD -> design an e-commerce application like amazon Flipkart

Round 4:Techno Managerial Round

  • The description is given by Director on Paypal, project scope, and tech stack
  • Detailed discussion on experience, all projects 
  • Behavioral questions 
  • Best learning so far
  • new tech stack learned
  • Team structure
  • How SDLC is followed 
  • Coding question 
  • How to make a class immutable, give an example
  • Use of static, final 
  • Design a class Age Calculator with all corner cases covered which take input dob and return age. 
  • Make AgeCalculator immutable.
  • Design your hashmap, in which we can use all hashmap functions, but double size should be returned.  -> use composition
  • Design Rubix cube as a real-life entity.
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