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pandas.lreshape() function in Python

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  • Last Updated : 24 Aug, 2021
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This method is used to reshape long-format data to wide. This is the generalized inverse of DataFrame.pivot.

Syntax : pandas.lreshape(data, groups, dropna=True, label=None)

Arguments :

  • data : DataFrame
  • groups : dict {new_name : list_of_columns}
  • dropna : boolean, default True

Below is the implementation of the above method with an example :


# importing package
import numpy
import pandas as pd
# create and view data
data = pd.DataFrame({
    'hr1': [514, 573],
    'hr2': [545, 526],
    'team': ['Red Sox', 'Yankees'],
    'year1': [2007, 2007],
    'year2': [2008, 2008]
# use pandas.lreshape() method
print(pd.lreshape(data, {'year': ['year1', 'year2'],
                         'hr': ['hr1', 'hr2']}))
# This code is contributed by rakeshsahni


pandas lreshape()


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