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SDE SHEET - A Complete Guide for SDE Preparation
What is SDE Sheet?SDE Sheet is a list of the most important topics or the most popular questions that are asked in the Software Development Engineer Interviews.How is this...Read More
Given a matrix of dimension M * N where each cell in the matrix can have values 0, 1 or 2 which has the following… Read More
Recently flipkart visited our campus for hiring interns as well as SDEs Here is the interview process: Round 1 : Online coding test on Hackerrank… Read More
Online Round(1:30 hrs) 20 MCQs based on OS, C, C++, 3 questions on aptitude & 1 question on DBMS. Q1. Write a program to separate… Read More
Round 1 (Written) Around 140 students appeared for the offline test.  There were 20 MCQs that to be done in (30 minutes), questions were from OS,DBMS,Datastructures. After… Read More
Amazon visited our campus for recruitment. Here is my experience.  First there was an online round on hackerrank and consisted of 20 mcqs and two… Read More
Given a Binary Tree, change the value in each node to sum of all the values in the nodes in the left subtree including its… Read More
Given a matrix where every cell represents points. How to collect maximum points using two traversals under following conditions?Let the dimensions of given grid be… Read More
Hello I have applied for Amazon after completing my 1 yr at job and got a call for a full day interview. Interview happens as… Read More
What are Unicasting, Anycasting, Multicasting and Broadcasting? If the message is sent from a source to a single destination node, it is called Unicasting. This… Read More
Hello everyone, Exl Analytics recently visited our college for their campus recruitment. So I would like to share my experience as it might be helpful… Read More
The Interview Experience below is for Dell International mainly to Dell R&D division. The hire process was mainly focussed on their Server and Storage systems… Read More
First Round (F2F) 1 hour: ——————————————- Write code for below 2 qns , not exact but concepts are 99% same. Second Round (F2F)… Read More
Online Coding Round Time 1 hour 30 minutes. 1) Given an array of numbers, Rearrange the numbers to make the even and odd numbers alternate.… Read More
ROUND 1: This was an online round.There were three sections : 1) Aptitude and logic 2) Data structures(mainly binary tree),OS,DBMS,OOPS. 3) Data analysis. ROUND 2:… Read More
Round 1: 30 MCQs based on C++ and 30 MCQs based on aptitude. Aptitude questions were based on Logical reasoning, Data Interpretation, Shape Manipulation and… Read More