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SDE SHEET - A Complete Guide for SDE Preparation
What is SDE Sheet?SDE Sheet is a list of the most important topics or the most popular questions that are asked in the Software Development Engineer Interviews.How is this...Read More
If the trapezoidal method is used to evaluate the integral obtained 0∫1x2dx ,then the value obtained (A) is always > (1/3) (B) is always <… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size n. Three elements arr[i], arr[j] and arr[k] form an inversion of size 3 if a[i] > a[j] >a[k] and… Read More
A bag contains 10 blue marbles, 20 green marbles and 30 red marbles. A marble is drawn from the bag, its colour recorded and it… Read More
The article focuses on using an algorithm for solving a system of linear equations. We will deal with the matrix of coefficients. Gaussian Elimination does… Read More
Given a number ‘n’ and a prime ‘p’, find square root of n under modulo p if it exists. It may be given that p… Read More
Coding Round : 1. 2. Do not remember second question but it was on binary tree. Group-fly round : Remove repeating charaters from a… Read More
Given a number ‘n’ and a prime p, find if square root of n under modulo p exists or not. A number x is square… Read More
1) Written Test on Unix Shell Scripting 1. write a script/command to find files older than 7days and zip them and move to specific folder.… Read More
The Initial shortlisting was done on the basis of Resume. Written Round 1) English :- 25 questions (25 min) 2) Computer Ability :- 25 questions… Read More
Round 1: 1.Quantative (16 ques in 16 min) 2.Reasoning(14 in 14 min). 3.English(18 in 16 min). 4.Coding(2 question in 45 min). (I)Print pattern(for N=4) 1… Read More
Round 2: Paper written coding 1) Given an unsorted array with a group of characters taken from the user. Find the first occurrence of non… Read More
  Mobile internet usage is growing at a steady pace, so much so that it is expected to overtake desktop browsing as early as 2016.… Read More
Question 1: Cigital is planning to conduct Secret Santa for Coming Christmas. Secret Santa is a Western Christmas tradition in which members of a group… Read More
Written Test:- A. Objective: They conducted a written test having 50 question. Time: 1 hour. Questions asked from 1. (pointers) C, 2. networking(tcp/ip basic protocols… Read More
Inversion Count for an array indicates – how far (or close) the array is from being sorted. If the array is already sorted then the… Read More