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SDE SHEET - A Complete Guide for SDE Preparation
What is SDE Sheet?SDE Sheet is a list of the most important topics or the most popular questions that are asked in the Software Development Engineer Interviews.How is this...Read More
  Error is a condition when the receiver’s information does not match the sender’s information. During transmission, digital signals suffer from noise that can introduce… Read More
Write to program to print the pyramid pattern formed of stars  Example :  Input: n = 6 Output: * * * * * * *… Read More
The determinant of a Matrix is defined as a special number that is defined only for square matrices (matrices that have the same number of… Read More
In order to perform any operations while assigning values to an instance data member, an initializer block is used. In simpler terms, the initializer block… Read More
Introduction The main object of this project is to provide the database in GUI oriented format through which we can retrieve information about the remote… Read More
I. Written test : Same question asked in Set 8.(lucky for us)3 hrs were given to solve the question. Just keep in mind that dont… Read More
Given two arrays such that first array has enough extra space to accommodate elements of second array. How to concatenate second array to first in… Read More
Introduction Hand gesture recognition system is used for interfacing between computer and human using hand gesture. We wish to make a windows-based application for live motion… Read More
Project Description The project, Client Master, is a simple but sophisticated client manager program, made using the Python language. I started this project in my… Read More
memmove() is used to copy a block of memory from a location to another. It is declared in string.h // Copies "numBytes" bytes from address… Read More
memcpy() is used to copy a block of memory from a location to another. It is declared in string.h // Copies "numBytes" bytes from address… Read More
In Python 3.X, the print statement is written as a print() function. Below is code in Python 3.X that shows the process of printing values… Read More
Question: In a one day international cricket match, considering no extras(no wides, no ‘no’ balls, etc.) and no overthrows. What is the maximum number of… Read More
Given an n-ary tree of resources arranged hierarchically such that height of tree is O(Log N) where N is total number of nodes (or resources).… Read More
This is an important question concerning the interview point of view. final keyword final (lowercase) is a reserved keyword in java. We can’t use it… Read More