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Gblog 100 Days of Code – A Complete Guide For Beginners and Experienced
Do you want to become a successful software developer and dreaming about getting into the big tech companies? Are you someone who is already working… Read More
Round-1:(1:15 min) Basic questions on runtime polymorphism and static polymorphism Multiple inheritance in java how can we implement using interfaces. Connect all the nodes that… Read More
These are some old concepts used in 16 bit intel architectures in the days of MS DOS, not much useful anymore. Near pointer is used… Read More
Arithmetic operators are used to perform arithmetic/mathematical operations on operands. For instance, the symbols “+” and “-” are used for addition and subtraction, respectively, while… Read More
Given a 2D matrix and a set of cell indexes e.g., an array of (i, j) where i indicates row and j column. For every… Read More
I have recently attended an interview with Amazon Hyderabad, for SDE-I position. All 4 rounds are conducted by different people from different teams. There are… Read More
Hi folks, Amazon recently visited our campus hiring for SDE. They are usually the first or second company to visit our campus, but this time,… Read More
Online Round This round had 5 mcq’s and 2 coding questions. The mcq’s were mostly on quantitative aptitude like profit and loss, age, train, ratio… Read More
20 mcqs – OS, Apti, Puzzles, C, DSA 2 coding – 1. Merge intervals given in array 2. Variation of josephus problem with k=2 Interview… Read More
20 mcqs – OS, Apti, Puzzles, C, DSA 2 coding – 1. Merge intervals given in array 2. Variation of Josephus problem with k=2 Interview… Read More
This algorithm finds all occurrences of a pattern in a text in linear time. Let length of text be n and of pattern be m,… Read More
The difference between the having and where clause in SQL is that the where clause cannot be used with aggregates, but the having clause can. The… Read More
Let us consider below table. Name Section abc CS1 bcd CS2 abc CS1 In the above table, we can find duplicate row using below query.… Read More
Multi threading-It is a process of multiple threads executes at same time. Many operating systems support kernel thread and user thread in a combined way.… Read More
Intuit, Inc. visited our campus for recruiting interns over the Summer. There was a CGPA cut-off for writing the written test followed by 2 F2F… Read More
1st round (Written Test) It was an online test of 90 minutes and was conducted on Hackerearth. It consisted of 10 MCQ’s and 3 coding… Read More

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