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Gblog 100 Days of Code – A Complete Guide For Beginners and Experienced
Do you want to become a successful software developer and dreaming about getting into the big tech companies? Are you someone who is already working… Read More
A Data Base Management System is a system software for easy, efficient and reliable data processing and management. It can be used for: Creation of… Read More
I had done an 8-week summer internship at Morgan Stanley, Bengaluru. Unlike other companies which give Pre-Placement Offers to the interns on the basis of… Read More
Recently, Factset came in our college for campus drive. The complete process took 2 days. 1st Round It was a pen & paper round where… Read More
Python has the ability to manipulate some statistical data and calculate results of various statistical operations using the file “statistics“, useful in domain of mathematics.… Read More
Firstly, an online test was conducted on the Oracle platform, consisting of 4 sections – Communication Skills, Logical Aptitude, Programming Skills, and Computer Science Knowledge.… Read More
Geek on the top is all about success stories of Geeks who are working hard to chase their goals and are inspiration for other geeks.… Read More
Interview experience: 2 profiles , one for legacy technologies one for new age technologies(big data, cloud computing,data analytics) Round 1: Written round consisting of 5… Read More
1. Written Round 20 MCQ from simple data structures, Networking, DBMS and some maths. 2 coding questions. A) Interval merging problem. B) Finding the diameter… Read More
Cvent visited our campus. The whole process took 1 day. There are 5 levels to be cleared for getting into cvent. First Level Its a… Read More
Firstly, an online round was conducted. It consisted of verbal and aptitude questions only. No technical or coding questions. Shortlisted 48 out of around 100… Read More
Arista Networks came to our campus. Initially, all the branches were allowed and the percentage criterion was 60%. But in the subsequent round, students from… Read More
Firstly, an online test was conducted on Oracle platform, consisting of 4 sections – Verbal, Aptitude, Programming Skills, Computer Science Concepts. There was separate time… Read More
Morgan Stanley visited our college to hire summer interns(3rd year students). Firstly, an online test was conducted(90 minutes duration) on HackerRank, consisting of 19 MCQs(Data… Read More
Given a function rand6() that returns random numbers from 1 to 6 with equal probability, implement one-liner function rand12() using rand6() that returns random numbers… Read More
AMAZON came to our college for both FTE’s and two month summer interns. The First Round was an Online Coding Round along with MCQ’s.Remember to… Read More

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