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Gblog 100 Days of Code – A Complete Guide For Beginners and Experienced
Do you want to become a successful software developer and dreaming about getting into the big tech companies? Are you someone who is already working… Read More
Union of two sorted ranges The union of two sets is formed by the elements that are present in either one of the sets, or in… Read More
The difference of two sets is formed by the elements that are present in the first set, but not in the second one. The elements… Read More
The intersection of two sets is formed only by the elements that are present in both sets. The elements copied by the function come always… Read More
Directi came for the role of DevOps for the first time in our college. The selection process had Pen-Paper round followed by a Coding round… Read More
The Selection process started with an Online Coding round. 20 MCQ and 2 Coding Questions: MCQs were from OOPs, OS, DBMS, Networking etc. Coding Questions:… Read More
Given an integer k and a queue of integers, The task is to reverse the order of the first k elements of the queue, leaving… Read More
Given a matrix. Convert it into a linked list matrix such that each node is connected to its next right and down node. Input :… Read More
Write a function to connect all the adjacent nodes at the same level in a binary tree. Example:  Input Tree A / \ B C… Read More
NOT Syntax SELECT column1, colomn2, … FROM table_name WHERE NOT condition; Demo Database Below is a selection from the “Customers” table in the Northwind sample… Read More
Given a positive integer, write a function to find if it is a power of three or not. Examples:  Input : 3 Output :Yes Input :6… Read More
Datasets are becoming huge. Infact, data is growing faster than processing speeds. Therefore, algorithms involving large data and high amount of computation are often run… Read More
ROUND 1 – ONLINE ASSESSMENT Platform – Duration – 75 minutes Format – 3 Coding Questions Maximum Score – 10 marks About 120 students… Read More
Airtel visited my Campus few days back.Here is my interview experience. Resume shortlisting: Based on aggregate 40 students were shortlisted out of 150 to 200… Read More
Given an array arr[] of n integers, construct a Product Array prod[] (of same size) such that prod[i] is equal to the product of all… Read More
Citicorp, Pune visited our campus to offer Summer Internship in a Summer Analyst profile. The company opened for only four branches, i.e. CSE, ECE, EEE… Read More

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