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Gblog 100 Days of Code – A Complete Guide For Beginners and Experienced
Do you want to become a successful software developer and dreaming about getting into the big tech companies? Are you someone who is already working… Read More
Location: Pune (Kharadi or Hinjewadi) Post: Barclays Analyst (BA3 level) Branches Eligible: CS & IT Number of people Selected: 11 from IT Round 1: Online… Read More
A square matrix is said to be symmetric matrix if the transpose of the matrix is same as the given matrix. Symmetric matrix can be… Read More
Here are some C programs which is related to the control structures With the detailed explanation, guess the output of the following programs:- 1.what will… Read More
Given a character we need to find if it printable or not. We also need to find if it is control character or not. A… Read More
Hello geeks, first of all i would like to thanx to geeksforgeeks. Guyz, you will understand why i am thanking geeksforgeeks after reading my experience.… Read More
In this article, we would be discussing the Set object provided by ES6. A set is a collection of items that are unique i.e no… Read More
Prerequisite : Operators in C 1. What will be the output of the following program? #include <stdio.h> int main(void) {     int i = 40 >>… Read More
Online Aptitude Round Online Aptitude Round consisted of 60 questions. I did about 40 questions with 90% accuracy. Online Coding Round Online Coding Round consisted… Read More
Some programmer thinks that defining a function inside an another function is known as “nested function”. But the reality is that it is not a… Read More
Given a binary matrix whose elements are only 0 and 1, we need to print the rows which are duplicates of rows that are already… Read More
Here are some logical and interesting facts about data-types and the modifiers associated with data-types:- 1. If no data type is given to a variable,… Read More
A neon number is a number where the sum of digits of the square of the number is equal to the number. The task is… Read More
A neon number is a number where the sum of digits of square of the number is equal to the number. The task is to… Read More
Most of you must be aware with the Serialization involving single object but have you ever thought what if the object has reference to other… Read More
Given four points of a rectangle, and one more point P. Write a function to check whether P lies within the given rectangle or not.Examples:  … Read More

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