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Gblog 100 Days of Code – A Complete Guide For Beginners and Experienced
Do you want to become a successful software developer and dreaming about getting into the big tech companies? Are you someone who is already working… Read More
You are the owner of a car gallery, and the vehicles you’ve ordered for the fancy car show has arrived. You have N cars each… Read More
Recently, Infoedge visited our campus for Software Developer Position First Round – Online coding round and MCQs The Coding round had 2 questions. Both were… Read More
The numpy.delete() function returns a new array with the deletion of sub-arrays along with the mentioned axis.   Syntax: numpy.delete(array, object, axis = None) Parameters : … Read More
One Interview Only (Technical + HR). Interview in front of panel of 2 persons. Tell me something about yourself. Your favorite subjects (I mentioned Computer… Read More
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Cat(concatenate) command is very frequently used in Linux. It reads data from the file and gives their content as output. It helps us to create,… Read More
Capgemini came to TICT on 11th September 2017. They allowed students from all streams including ME, CVL, EE with 60% throughout and no active backlog… Read More
You are given three points a, b, c on a page. Find if it’s possible to rotate the page around the point by an angle,… Read More
We are given two numbers A and B. We need to calculate the number of digits after decimal. If in case the numbers are irrational… Read More
Given two sorted arrays, we need to merge them in O((n+m)*log(n+m)) time with O(1) extra space into a sorted array, when n is the size… Read More
JavaBeans are classes that encapsulate many objects into a single object (the bean). It is a java class that should follow following conventions: Must implement… Read More
It was a nice experience to be part of google placement programme. There were 4 Rounds The online test consists of 4 modules. For each… Read More
In this article, we would be discussing Map object provided by ES6. Map is a collection of elements where each element is stored as a… Read More
In C++, iscntrl() is a predefined function used for string and character handling. cstring is the header file required for string functions and cctype is… Read More
Round 1 : Telephonic Serialize – Deserialize a binary tree Rotate a M*N matrix by k elements in place. Round 2 : Hiring Manager (… Read More

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