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Gblog What is System Design – Learn System Design
System Design is the core concept behind the design of any distributed systems. System Design is defined as a process of creating an architecture for… Read More
Given a sequence of moves for a robot, check if the sequence is circular or not. A sequence of moves is circular if first and… Read More
Following is my experience. I hope it helps people out there, as I got help from other posts here before my interview. Duration: 4 hours… Read More
Written MCQ There were 20 multiple choice questions to be done in 30 minutes time and most of the technical questions were from geeksquiz ,… Read More
I gave this interview for Senior Software Developer Role. Round 1: Lots of puzzles and algo’s. The interviewer didn’t let me write code for anything,… Read More
Attended coding interview for myntra. Question was based on the movement of Robot. G-GO one unit L-Turn left R-Turn right Given an input of string… Read More
Question 1: Given an array with n elements consisting of numbers between 1 to n-1 with some numbers being repeated multiple times in the array.… Read More
Given A binary Tree, how do you remove all the half nodes (which has only one child)? Note leaves should not be touched as they… Read More
Puzzle: There are 4 persons (A, B, C and D) who want to cross a bridge in night. A takes 1 minute to cross the… Read More
Given a Binary Search Tree (BST) and a positive integer k, find the k’th largest element in the Binary Search Tree. For example, in the following… Read More
Round 1: (Written Test) 1. Given a sorted array construct a Balanced Binary Search Tree. 2. Given a linked list, find whether linked list is… Read More
Given a string you need to print longest possible substring that has exactly M unique characters. If there is more than one substring of longest… Read More
In a country, all families want a boy. They keep having babies till a boy is born. What is the expected ratio of boys and… Read More
There are 100 doors in a row, all doors are initially closed. A person walks through all doors multiple times and toggle (if open then… Read More
I was interviewed at pubmatic. this was interview experience Round 1. 1. Print the circumference of the tree 2. given an array as stock prices… Read More
Applied for practo off campus in February, call came for first round on 20th February. Round 1 (Coding Round): The first round was coding. It… Read More

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