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Gblog 100 Days of Code – A Complete Guide For Beginners and Experienced
Do you want to become a successful software developer and dreaming about getting into the big tech companies? Are you someone who is already working… Read More
strcat() The strcat() function will append a copy of the source string to the end of destination string. The strcat() function takes two arguments: 1) dest 2)… Read More
Prerequisite: Decision Making in Java Predict the Output of the following programs 1. What will be the output of the following program? public class Test… Read More
The given problem asked in fico placement interview round. Find the gcd of two given numbers using shell scripting We are given two numbers A and… Read More
Predict the output of the following program public class LongDivision {     public static void main(String[] args) {     final long MICROS_PER_DAY = 24 * 60 *… Read More
Given an array of n positive integers that represent lengths. Find out the maximum possible area whose four sides are picked from the given array.… Read More
random_shuffle It randomly rearrange elements in range [first, last). The function swaps the value of each element with some other randomly picked element. When provided,… Read More
Given a string s of lowercase letters, we need to find the longest substring length that contains (a, e, i, o, u) only.  Examples : … Read More
1st Round (Conducted by Cocubes):- There were three Section(English 10 questions, Reasoning 10 questions, Aptitude 20 questions) and 45 minutes. Sectional Cutoff is there for… Read More
Print the elements of an array in the decreasing frequency if 2 numbers have the same frequency then print the one which came first. Examples: … Read More
The selection process for Accolite consisted of 5 rounds. 1) Online Test: Around 150 students appeared for the online test. The scoring for this round… Read More
A number is said to be a magic number, if the sum of its digits are calculated till a single digit recursively by adding the… Read More
Problem 1 : Insert code in the given code segments to make the loop infinite. class GFG { public static void main(String s[]){ /* Insert… Read More
As we know, the single pivot quick sort takes a pivot from one of the ends of the array and partitioning the array, so that… Read More
Tower of Hanoi is a mathematical puzzle. Traditionally, It consists of three poles and a number of disks of different sizes which can slide onto… Read More
A Geometric series is a series with a constant ratio between successive terms. The first term of the series is denoted by a and common… Read More

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