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Gblog Analysis of Monolithic and Distributed Systems – Learn System Design
System analysis is the process of gathering the requirements of the system prior to the designing system in order to study the design of our… Read More
Consider below two C language functions to compute sum of elements in a 2D array. Ignoring the compiler optimizations, which of the two is better… Read More
A number is a perfect number if is equal to sum of its proper divisors, that is, sum of its positive divisors excluding the number… Read More
A number is non-decreasing if every digit (except the first one) is greater than or equal to previous digit. For example, 223, 4455567, 899, are… Read More
Recently I applied to Barracuda Networks and following is my experience. Round 1: It was a 1 hour duration paper consisting of questions from C/Computer… Read More
Grofes came to our campus for software engineer profile full time hires. only CS and IT branches were eligible. There was 1 online round and… Read More
Round 1: Online Round 60 min. 8-9 Questions where asked. 6 Aptitude Questions: (1 point each) 2 coding questions:( 2 points each) (only pseudocode) Given… Read More
Recently makemytrip visited our Campus and I got selected in recruitment drive.The placement drive consisted of 4 rounds. Round1: MCQ and coding round It was… Read More
Given an array with positive and negative numbers, find the maximum average subarray of the given length. Example:  Input: arr[] = {1, 12, -5, -6,… Read More
We know sum squares of first n natural numbers is . How to compute sum of squares of first n even natural numbers? We need… Read More
In simple QuickSort algorithm, we select an element as pivot, partition the array around a pivot and recur for subarrays on the left and right… Read More
Round 1(Written): There was a technical online test in the first round. 20 questions were to be done in 30 minutes.Questions were basically from data… Read More
Recently VMware visited our campus for full time and intern positions. There was a CGPA cut off of 7/10 for attending VMware’s hiring process. Round… Read More
I recently had interviews with, Bangalore. Here’s my interview experience Written round: 1) Insert a number at its correct position in a sorted circular… Read More
Round 1: Written Test Duration: 75 minutes Around 250 students attended the written test. There were 9 descriptive questions; we have to write the answer… Read More
ZoomCar Interview experience: Few weeks ago, I got a mail from Zoomcar HR saying that the CTO of the company wanted to have In-person interview… Read More

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