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Gblog 100 Days of Code – A Complete Guide For Beginners and Experienced
Do you want to become a successful software developer and dreaming about getting into the big tech companies? Are you someone who is already working… Read More
What happens when a bit-string is XORed with itself n-times as shown: [ B⊕ (B⊕ (B⊕ (B…….. n times) ]   (A) complements when n… Read More
Stringizing operator (#) This operator causes the corresponding actual argument to be enclosed in double quotation marks. The # operator, which is generally called the… Read More
The string 1101 does not belong to the set represented by (A) 110* (0+1) (B) 1(0+1)* 101 (C) (10)* (01)* (00+11)* (D) (00+(11)*0)* Answer: (C)… Read More
Regarding the power of recognition of languages, which of the following statement is false? (A) The non-deterministic finite state automata are equivalent to deterministic finite… Read More
Which of the following sets can be recognized by a Deterministic Finite-state Automaton? (A) The number 1, 2, 4, 8……,2^n,………. written in binary. (B) The… Read More
std::strncmp() function lexicographically compares not more than count characters from the two null-terminated strings and returns an integer based on the outcome. This function takes… Read More
If the regular set ‘A’ is represented by A= (01+1)* and the regular set ‘B’ is represented by B= ((01)* 1*)*, which of the following… Read More
The number of functions from an m element set to an n element set is (A) m+n (B) m^n (C) n^m (D) m*n Answer: (C)… Read More
Let R1 and R2 be two equivalence relations on a set. Consider the following assertions: (i) R1 ∪ R2 is an equivalence relation (ii) R1… Read More
Suppose A is a finite set with n elements. The number of elements in the largest equivalence relation of A is (A) n (B) n^2… Read More
What is the converse of the following assertion? I stay only if you go. (A) I stay if you go (B) If I stay then… Read More
The cast term here signifies some data(stream of packets) is being transmitted to the recipient(s) from the client(s) side over the communication channel that helps… Read More
The Initial shortlisting was done on the basis of pointers(throughout 7). Written Round 1) English :- 25 questions (25 min) 2) Computer Science subjects :-… Read More
Consider the function y = |x| in the interval [-1,1]. In this interval, the function is (A) continuous and differentiable (B) continuous but not differentiable (C)… Read More
Which of the following statements applies to the bisection method used for finding roots of functions: (A) converges within a few iteration (B) guaranteed to… Read More

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