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Gblog 100 Days of Code – A Complete Guide For Beginners and Experienced
Do you want to become a successful software developer and dreaming about getting into the big tech companies? Are you someone who is already working… Read More
A sender S sends a message m to receiver R, which is digitally signed by S with its private key. In this scenario, one or… Read More
Given two integers n and k, count the number of binary strings of length n with k as number of times adjacent 1’s appear. Examples: … Read More
Consider a TCP client and a TCP server running on two different machines. After completing data transfer, the TCP client calls close to terminate the… Read More
Let X be a Gaussian random variable with mean 0 and variance σ2. Let Y = max(X,0) where max(a,b) is the maximum of a and… Read More
Arun, Gulab, Neel and Shweta must choose one shirt each from a pile of four shirts coloured red, pink, blue and white respectively. Arun dislikes… Read More
A contour line joins locations having the same height above the mean sea level. The following is a contour plot of a geographical region. Contour… Read More
The expression [ (x + y) – |x – y| ] / 2 is equal to (A) the maximum of x and y (B) the… Read More
"The hold of the nationalist imagination on our colonial past is such that anything inadequately or improperly natinalist is just not history" Which of the… Read More
Six people are seated around a circular table. There are at least two men and two women. There are at least three right-handed persons. Every… Read More
After Rajendra Chola returned from his voyage to Indonesia, he ______ to visit the temple in Tanjavur. (A) was wishing (B) is wishing (C) wished… Read More
The probability that a k-digit number does NOT contain the digits 0, 5 or 9 is (A) 0.3k (B) 0.6k (C) 0.7k (D) 0.9k Answer:… Read More
Research in the workplace reveals thatpeople work for many reasons _________. (A) money beside (B) beside money (C) money besides (D) besides money Answer: (D)… Read More
Rahul, Murali, Srinivas and Arul are seated around a square table. Rahul is sitting to the left of Murali. Srinivas is sitting to the right… Read More
Find the smallest number y such that y x 162 (y multiplied by 162) is a perfect cube. (A) 24 (B) 27 (C) 32 (D)… Read More
Consider a N X N matrix where each element is divided by a column number (integer division), i.e. mat[i][j] = floor((i+1)/(j+1)) where 0 <= i… Read More

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