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Gblog Technical Scripter Event 2022 – India’s Biggest Technical Content Writing Contest
GeeksforGeeks presents Technical Scripter Event 2022 – an opportunity to hone your technical writing abilities and get paid fancy, whether you are a student, a… Read More
Given a string that represents an expression constituting numbers and binary operator +, – and * only. We need to parenthesize the expression in all… Read More
Magnets are placed linearly, with each magnet to be considered as of point object. each magnet suffers force from its left sided magnets such that… Read More
1. Given an array and a set of operations on it, perform those in sequence to the array. Example : given array : 12345 Operations… Read More
A Java Cursor is an Iterator, which is used to iterate or traverse or retrieve a Collection or Stream object’s elements one by one. There… Read More
Given an array of integers, print sums of all subsets in it. Output sums can be printed in any order. Examples :  Input : arr[]… Read More
Given a set of cities and distance between every pair of cities, the problem is to find the shortest possible tour that visits every city… Read More
Given an undirected graph, which has tree characteristics. It is possible to choose any node as root, the task is to find those nodes only… Read More
Group Discussion A scenario where you had to merge the data and erp systems of car company located in usa and Canada into common platform.… Read More
Panel 1 Tell me about yourself. How many interviews did you attend? Reasons for your rejection in the interviews? How did you deal with those… Read More
Long Coding ( 2 hours) Designing a traffic mgmt system. You were assigned a person from the company who would aid you with any doubts… Read More
Accolite visited our campus for recruiting Full time employees as well as interns. The process started with pre-placement talks and then we had to undergo… Read More
Round 1: Aptitude Round 2: 2 questions from data structure Round 3: Group fly round Find the least common ancestor of two nodes in a… Read More
Given a string that contains only digits from 0 to 9, and an integer value, target. Find out how many expressions are possible which evaluate… Read More
Panel 1 1. Questions about my project? 2. How would I implement this scenario, just an overview, the scenario was the following There are two… Read More
Round 1 1. Questions about my project? 2. Then they derived some questions from my project and asked me to solve it? 3. Questions on… Read More

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