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Gblog Crack the Coding Interview With GeeksforGeeks Weekly Contest Series
“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice”, quoted by Vladamir Horowitz. What he said was nothing sort of unique as achieving perfection and success… Read More
Hello everyone! Cisco came to our campus for full time hiring of final year students. They had shortlisted candidates for the interviews on the basis… Read More
Hello everyone! Axtria Inc. came to our campus for full time hiring of final year students. They had shortlisted candidates for the interviews on the… Read More
Phonic Interview ********************** 1. Let’s start with you introduction In between introduction he asked me about my some project work experience and How have you… Read More
Nagarro came to our campus for their placement drive. They took the written test in the campus and called the shortlisted candidates to their Gurgaon… Read More
Online coding 3hrs 2 questions 20 marks each. Problem 1: Write a program which takes JSON as input and gives prettified JSON a) You need… Read More
Recently, Amazon visited our campus and I was interviewed for SDE position. Here is my Interview Experience: Online Round: (Duration – 90 minutes) 20 MCQs… Read More
Online coding 1 hr, 3 Questions. 1. We have to implement getIntComplement() function , that will give complement of an given integer . 2. There… Read More
Like Structures, union is a user defined data type. In union, all members share the same memory location. For example in the following C program,… Read More
Following is the written round questions for BrowserStack on campus. Paper Duration: 2 hours Number of Questions: 2 Maximum Marks: 2 * 20 = 40… Read More
Which of the following Binary Min Heap operation has the highest time complexity? (A) Inserting an item under the assumption that the heap has capacity… Read More
First Round: 1.Aptitude Questions, basically logical aptitude, Not the standard aptitude questions which we get in other companies, it included some questions of geometry, trigonometry,… Read More
I would like to start off by thanking the entire community of GeeksforGeeks for helping me out. Attempt 1 Round1: 1. Given a number N,… Read More
Predict the output of following C program #include<stdio.h> struct Point {   int x, y, z; };    int main() {   struct Point p1 = {.y… Read More
Given two strings str1 and str2, find if str1 is a subsequence of str2. A subsequence is a sequence that can be derived from another… Read More
  What is a structure? A structure is a key word that create user defined data type in C/C++. A structure creates a data type that… Read More

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