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Gblog Analysis of Monolithic and Distributed Systems – Learn System Design
System analysis is the process of gathering the requirements of the system prior to the designing system in order to study the design of our… Read More
Like array and linked list, the unrolled Linked List is also a linear data structure and is a variant of a linked list.  Why do… Read More
ROUND 1:  Aptitude ROUND 2: (ONLINE CODING) Write a program to identify the first repeating integer in an array. Greedy approach based questions. ROUND 3:… Read More
ROUND -1 I. What are you interested in? cs programming or networking.(as I am from cse so he wanted to know) II. Different routing protocols… Read More
They called us at their office in Hinjawadi, Pune. Then started with process. We were fourteen students. All from same college. Round 1 We had… Read More
First Round Online Coding Round on Hackerrank:- Time 1 hr Screen is shared 2 question You need to run both programs with all test case passed … Read More
Given a number N, The task is to find the length of the longest consecutive 1s series in its binary representation.Examples :  Input: N =… Read More
We are given a map of cities connected with each other via cable lines such that there is no cycle between any two cities. We… Read More
ROUND-1 I. Field of interest(I told data structure and problem solving) II. project III. How to find whether a loop in a linked list is… Read More
1st round:- first round consisted of 20 MCQ questions,2 coding and 5 DBMS query questions.  2nd round:- This was a written coding round.2 questions were asked. 1.Design a… Read More
(Role: Software Engineer) Round 1: 1. Tell me about yourself.(Spoke until the interviewer browsed through the resume). 2. Reversing a singly linked list. 3. Check… Read More
First Round The first round was a offline written test. It consisted of 22 questions . 12 objective and 10 subjective. Questions were from Networks,… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size n>4, the task is to check whether the given array can be arranged in the form of Left or… Read More
Loop unrolling is a loop transformation technique that helps to optimize the execution time of a program. We basically remove or reduce iterations. Loop unrolling… Read More
There were Three rounds. Round 1: This round was an offline written round, its Consisted 4 section, 15 Aptitude,15 Reasoning, 15 Technical in which some… Read More
6174 is the Kaprekar Constant. This number is special as we always get this number when following steps are followed for any four digit number… Read More

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