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Gblog Technical Scripter Event 2022 – India’s Biggest Technical Content Writing Contest
GeeksforGeeks presents Technical Scripter Event 2022 – an opportunity to hone your technical writing abilities and get paid fancy, whether you are a student, a… Read More
Given an array of strings, find if the given strings can be chained to form a circle. A string X can be put before another… Read More
This post discusses two HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) request methods  GET and POST requests in Python and their implementation in python. What is HTTP? HTTP is… Read More
Given a binary tree, find if there is a pair in root to a leaf path such that sum of values in pair is equal… Read More
Coding Question for Shortlisting: Given a graph, find out if it can be colored using 2 colors. Different colors for alternate nodes (3 hours) people… Read More
Given an array of positive integers. Find the maximum sum of strictly increasing subarrays. Note that this problem is different from maximum subarray sum and… Read More
Round 1: The first round was aptitude test along with basic c,c++,OS questions. There was negative marking. Overall it was easy. Interview: There were 2… Read More
Reliance recently visited our Campus in mid of November. Typically it was open for all departments. The procedure consisted of an online test which had 2… Read More
It was a walk-in for experienced candidates actually. Round 1: Machine Coding Round (60 min) Q1. Infix to Postfix conversion e.g. A+(B-C)*D becomes ABC-D*+ Q2.… Read More
Given a number N which may be 10^5 digits long, the task is to count all the digits in N which divide N. Divisibility by… Read More
Arrays.binarySearch()| Set 1 Covers how to find an element in a sorted array in Java. This set will cover “How to Search a key in… Read More
What is socket programming? Socket programming is a way of connecting two nodes on a network to communicate with each other. One socket(node) listens on… Read More
Given an array of integer numbers, we need to find sum of maximum number of all possible subsets. Examples:  Input : arr = {3, 2,… Read More
I had interview at Snapdeal Gurgaon for Software Development Engineer, before that I have also completed online test from home. I am 2016 passed out… Read More
Amazon Off Campus Interview Experience(SDE-1, Experienced) Round 1: 1) Tell me about yourself. 2) Trapping Rain Water : Giv­en n non-negative integers representing an elevation… Read More
Company: Clues Network Pvt. Ltd Gurgoan Profile: Software Engineer Shopclues visited our campus in Mid -October, 2016 First round It was an online round. It… Read More

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