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Gblog Write It Up: Share Your Interview Experiences
Since we are receiving so many interview experiences, we have great news to share with you. Therefore, we are moving this event’s date up to… Read More
The hexadecimal representation of 6578 is (A) 1AF (B) D78 (C) D71 (D) 32F Answer: (A) Explanation: We can first convert to Binary, we get… Read More
The range of integers that can be represented by an n bit 2’s complement number system is (A) – 2n – 1 to (2n –… Read More
Consider the following circuit. Which one of the following is TRUE? (A) f is independent of X (B) f is independent of Y (C) f… Read More
The grammar A → AA | (A) | ε is not suitable for predictive-parsing because the grammar is (A) ambiguous (B) left-recursive (C) right-recursive (D)… Read More
The set {1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 11, 13, 14} is a group under multiplication modulo 15. The inverses of 4 and 7 are respectively… Read More
Let f(x) be the continuous probability density func­tion of a random variable X. The probability that a < X ≤ b, is A) f(b -… Read More
Let G be a simple graph with 20 vertices and 100 edges. The size of the minimum vertex cover of G is 8. Then, the… Read More
Recently, Morgan Stanley visited our campus for the written exam for December placements. Here are the questions for the written round. 3 questions coding +… Read More
Let G be a simple connected planar graph with 13 vertices and 19 edges. Then, the number of faces in the planar embedding of the… Read More
The following is the Hasse diagram of the poset [{a, b, c, d, e}, ≤] The poset is (A) not a lattice (B) a lattice… Read More
Let A, B and C be non-empty sets and let X = (A – B) – C and Y = (A – C) – (B… Read More
The time complexity of computing the transitive closure of a binary relation on a set of n elements is known to be (A) O (n)… Read More
An undirected graph C has n nodes. Its adjacency matrix is given by an n × n square matrix whose (i) diagonal elements are 0’s,… Read More
A program P reads in 500 integers in the range [0..100] representing the scores of 500 students. It then prints the frequency of each score… Read More
Which one of the following are essential features of an object-oriented programming language? (GATE CS 2005) (i) Abstraction and encapsulation (ii) Strictly-typedness (iii) Type-safe property… Read More

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