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Gblog Write It Up: Share Your Interview Experiences
Since we are receiving so many interview experiences, we have great news to share with you. Therefore, we are moving this event’s date up to… Read More
3 months Experience Candidate. 1. Written test 90 mins which consisted of 2 coding questions and 18-20 MCQ from varied computer science concepts. 2. Telephonic… Read More
Given an N-ary tree where every node has at-most N children. How to serialize and deserialize it? Serialization is to store tree in a file… Read More
Suffix Tree is very useful in numerous string processing and computational biology problems. Many books and e-resources talk about it theoretically and in few places,… Read More
Serialization is to store tree in a file so that it can be later restored. The structure of tree must be maintained. Deserialization is reading… Read More
Given an n x n matrix, where every row and column is sorted in non-decreasing order. Print all elements of matrix in sorted order. Example: … Read More
Screening round: Three coding question on hackerEarth to be comiled against the testcases 1. Merge two sorted linked list into single one 2. Difference between… Read More
Written round : We all were required to write a code for LRU implementation with proper Locks and synchronization so as it is thread safe.… Read More
Coding questions: 1) Given two words, find if second word is the round rotation of first word. For example: abc, cab return 1 since cab… Read More
IBM ISL On Campus Interview Experience. Round 1: IPAT Online Aptitude Test This online test is timed, with each question allocated its own time limit… Read More
Flipkart recently visited our campus for the written test for December placements. Hosted on: Time: 90 mins No objective questions. Two coding questions only.… Read More
MakeMyTrip recently visited our campus to hire full time employees. Here’s my interview experience: Round 1: (Online MCQs) Questions on aptitude, English, logical reasoning, C/C++… Read More
Write a function that returns true if a given undirected graph is tree and false otherwise. For example, the following graph is a tree.  But… Read More
Given a binary tree and two level numbers ‘low’ and ‘high’, print nodes from level low to level high. For example consider the binary tree… Read More
Given an array of integers, find length of the longest subarray which contains numbers that can be arranged in a continuous sequence. In the previous post,… Read More
Hello everyone, this is my experience of the selection procedure of Paxcel Technologies. The first round was a MCQ test with 40 questions covering topics… Read More

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