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Gblog GeeksforGeeks Job-A-Thon Exclusive – Hiring Challenge For Amazon Alexa
Getting a job in Product Based Companies is a dream come true for everyone and when we talk about Amazon, every one of us wants… Read More
A scheme for storing binary trees in an array X is as follows. Indexing of X starts at 1 instead of 0. the root is… Read More
To implement Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm on unweighted graphs so that it runs in linear time, the data structure to be used is: (A) Queue… Read More
Given a number n, write a function that returns true if n is divisible by 9, else false. The most simple way to check for… Read More
Consider a weighted complete graph G on the vertex set {v1, v2,} such that the weight of the edge (vi, vj) is 2|i-j|. The… Read More
In a binary max heap containing n numbers, the smallest element can be found in time (A) O(n) (B) O(Logn) (C) O(LogLogn) (D) O(1) Answer:… Read More
A CPU has 24-bit instructions. A program starts at address 300 (in decimal). Which one of the following is a legal program counter (all values… Read More
You are given a free running clock with a duty cycle of 50% and a digital waveform f which changes only at the negative edge… Read More
Consider the following grammar. S -> S * E S -> E E -> F + E E -> F F -> id Consider the… Read More
Consider three CPU-intensive processes, which require 10, 20 and 30 time units and arrive at times 0, 2 and 6, respectively. How many context switches… Read More
For which one of the following reasons does Internet Protocol (IP) use the timeto- live (TTL) field in the IP datagram header (A) Ensure packets… Read More
A relation R is defined on ordered pairs of integers as follows: (x,y) R(u,v) if x < u and y > v. Then R is:… Read More
The set {1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9} under multiplication modulo 10 is not a group. Given below are four plausible reasons. Which one… Read More
Let X, Y, Z be sets of sizes x, y and z respectively. Let W = X x Y. Let E be the set of… Read More
Given a string and a positive integer d. Some characters may be repeated in the given string. Rearrange characters of the given string such that… Read More
Given an array of numbers of size n. It is also given that the array elements are in range from 0 to n2 – 1.… Read More

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