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Gblog GeeksforGeeks Job-A-Thon Exclusive – Hiring Challenge For Amazon Alexa
Getting a job in Product Based Companies is a dream come true for everyone and when we talk about Amazon, every one of us wants… Read More
The range of integers that can be represented by an n bit 2’s complement number system is: (A) – 2n – 1 to 2n –… Read More
Prerequisite – Access and trunk ports Normally, Routers are used to divide broadcast domain and switches (at layer 2) Operates in a single broadcast domain but… Read More
Which of the given number has its IEEE-754 32 bit floating point representation as 0 10000000 110 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 (A) 2.5 (B)… Read More
Which of the following is TRUE only for XML but NOT HTML? (A) It is derived from SGML (B) It describes content and layout (C)… Read More
A computer has a sufficient amount of physical memory but most of the time we need more so we swap some memory on disk. Swap… Read More
In controlled access, the stations seek information from one another to find which station has the right to send. It allows only one node to… Read More
In computer central processing units, micro-operations (also known as micro-ops) are the functional or atomic, operations of a processor. These are low level instructions used… Read More
The stristr() function is a built-in function in PHP. It searches for the first occurrence of a string inside another string and displays the portion… Read More
Deadlock occurs when each transaction T in a schedule of two or more transaction waiting for some item locked by some other transaction T‘ in… Read More
Frames of 1000 bits are sent over a 10 ^ 6 bps duplex link between two hosts. The propagation time is 25ms. Frames are to… Read More
Prerequisite : Understanding Javascript Scoping, Javascript HoistingDo you know what value will be printed on the console when the following piece of code will be… Read More
Given L and R, find a possible non-transitive triplet (a, b, c) such that pair (a, b) is co-prime and pair (b, c) is co-prime… Read More
A cube free number square free number whose none of any divisor is a cubic number (a number which is cube of an integer). Given… Read More
What is a Map in JavaScript ? Map is a data structure in JavaScript which allows storing of [key, value] pairs where any value can… Read More
hex() function is one of the built-in functions in Python3, which is used to convert an integer number into it’s corresponding hexadecimal form. Syntax : … Read More

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