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The job market has changed drastically post-pandemic – with frequent job-hopping and the race to upskill oneself. The latter has proved to be a game-changer… Read More
If only one memory location is to be reserved for a class variable, no matter how many objects are instantiated, then the variable should be… Read More
How many lines of output does the following C code produce? #include<stdio.h> float i=2.0; float j=1.0; float sum = 0.0; main() {     while (i/j >… Read More
The java.lang.Math.tan() returns the trigonometric tangent of an angle. If the argument is NaN or an infinity, then the result returned is NaN. If the… Read More
dir() is a powerful inbuilt function in Python3, which returns list of the attributes and methods of any object (say functions , modules, strings, lists,… Read More
The probability that two friends are born in the same month is ? (A) 1/6 (B) 1/12 (C) 1/144 (D) 1/24 Answer: (B) Explanation: Probability… Read More
Consider a standard Circular Queue ‘q’ implementation (which has the same condition for Queue Full and Queue Empty) whose size is 11 and the elements… Read More
Using the page table shown below, translate the physical address 25 to virtual address. The address length is 16 bits and page size is 2048… Read More
Attackers’ task is comparatively very easy when they can enter the network they want to attack. Ethernet LANs are very much vulnerable to attack as… Read More
How much memory is required to implement z-buffer algorithm for a 512 x 512 x 24 bit-plane image? (A) 768 KB (B) 1 MB (C)… Read More
The following Finite Automaton recognizes which of the given languages? (A) {1, 0}* {01} (B) {1, 0}* {1} (C) {1}{1, 0}* {1} (D) 1*0* {0,… Read More
Write the output of the following C program #include <stdio.h>      int main (void)   {   int shifty;   shifty = 0570;   shifty = shifty >>4;   shifty… Read More
An IP packet has arrived in which the fragment offset value is 100, the value of HLEN is 5 and the value of total length… Read More
Every time the attribute A appears, it is matched with the same value of attribute B but not the same value of attribute C. Which… Read More
The Data Link Layer is responsible for transmission of data between two nodes. Its main functions are-  Data Link Control Multiple Access Control Data Link… Read More
java.lang.Math.hypot() function is an inbuilt math function in Java that returns the Euclidean norm, . The function returns sqrt(x2 + y2) without intermediate overflow or… Read More

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