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Gblog GEEK-O-LYMPICS 2022 – May The Geeks Force Be With You!
Is it possible to have tons of fun while maintaining your competitive spirit? Totally! It is 100% possible. For the geeks who code hard and… Read More
The fclose() function in PHP is an inbuilt function which is used to close a file which is pointed by an open file pointer. The… Read More
The byteValue() method of Integer class of java.lang package converts the given Integer into a byte after a narrowing primitive conversion and returns it (value… Read More
Introduction Functional programming is a programming paradigm in which we try to bind everything in pure mathematical functions style. It is a declarative type of programming… Read More
Introduction Go is a procedural programming language. It was developed in 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google but launched in… Read More
For the given sentence as input, censor a specific word with asterisks ‘ * ‘. Example :   Input : word = “computer” text = “GeeksforGeeks is a… Read More
Prerequisite – Spanning Tree Protocol Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) is used to make a loop free network by monitoring the network to track all the links… Read More
The hash function used in double hashing is of the form: (A) h (k, i) = (h1(k) + h2(k) + i) mod m (B) h… Read More
__________ allows selection of the relevant information necessary for the data warehouse. (A) The Top – Down View (B) Data Warehouse View (C) Datasource View… Read More
__________ system is market oriented and is used for data analysis by knowledge workers including Managers, Executives and Analysts. (A) OLTP (B) OLAP (C) Data… Read More
Suppose that from given statistics, it is known that meningitis causes stiff neck 50% of the time, that the proportion of persons having meningitis is… Read More
A data cube C, has n dimensions, and each dimension has exactly p distinct values in the base cuboid. Assume that there are no concept… Read More
In Unix, the login prompt can be changed by changing the contents of the file __________. (A) contrab (B) init (C) gettydefs (D) inittab Answer:… Read More
A system has four processes and five allocatable resources. The current allocation and maximum needs are as follows: Allocated Maximum Available Process A 1 0… Read More
Consider a disk with 16384 bytes per track having a rotation time of 16 msec and average seek time of 40 msec. What is the… Read More
Suppose that the number of instructions executed between page fault is directly proportional to the number of page frames allocated to a program. If the… Read More

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