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Gblog Bi-Wizard School Coding Tournament By GeeksforGeeks – For Class 8-12 Students
Bi-Wizard School Coding Tournament by GeeksforGeeks – ‘Coding is the New Literacy’ and no one can deny this fact! And especially, when it comes to… Read More
Round 1: Discussion about projects and work Search in a rotated sorted array Implement stack with find minimum in O(1) Round 2: Spiral printing… Read More
Consider a situation with a number of persons and following tasks to be performed on them. Add a new friendship relation, i.e., a person x… Read More
Python provides direct methods to find permutations and combinations of a sequence. These methods are present in itertools package. Permutation  First import itertools package to… Read More
Given two Binary Trees, write a function that returns true if two trees are mirror of each other, else false. For example, the function should… Read More
We are given n triangles along with length of their three sides as a,b,c. Now we need to count number of unique triangles out of… Read More
Given a ternary tree, create a doubly linked list out of it. A ternary tree is just like binary tree but instead of having two… Read More
Let there be N workers and N jobs. Any worker can be assigned to perform any job, incurring some cost that may vary depending on… Read More
Written Round You have to design url shortening site have to enable history and expiry tracking of url. Design database for your system. Api… Read More
Given a sorted array of integers, return the number of distinct absolute values among the elements of the array. The input can contain duplicates values. Examples:  … Read More
Given two numbers x and y, and a range [l, r] where 1 <= l, r <= 32. The task is consider set bits of… Read More
Given an array of positive and negative numbers, arrange them in an alternate fashion such that every positive number is followed by negative and vice-versa.… Read More
The N queens puzzle is the problem of placing N chess queens on an N×N chessboard so that no two queens threaten each other. Thus, a solution requires that no… Read More
We strongly recommend to refer below article as a prerequisite of this. Combinatorial Game Theory | Set 1 (Introduction) In this post, Game of Nim… Read More
There are three boxes box1, box2 and box3 containing gold, silver and  mixture of silver and gold respectively. Each of the three boxes contain a… Read More
A number ‘n’ is called Bleak if it cannot be represented as sum of a positive number x and set bit count in x, i.e.,… Read More

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