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Gblog Must Do Coding Questions for Product Based Companies
As the placement season is back, GeeksforGeeks is here to help you crack the interview. We have selected some most commonly asked and MUST DO… Read More
Problem: Given an array arr[] of n elements, write a function to search a given element x in arr[]. Examples :   Input : arr[] =… Read More
Given an array of size n and a number k. We must modify array K number of times. Here modify array means in each operation… Read More
In any object-oriented programming language, Overriding is a feature that allows a subclass or child class to provide a specific implementation of a method that… Read More
Tree sort is a sorting algorithm that is based on Binary Search Tree data structure. It first creates a binary search tree from the elements… Read More
You are given two positive numbers M and N. The task is to print greatest common divisor of M’th and N’th Fibonacci Numbers.The first few… Read More
Gaussian Filtering is widely used in the field of image processing. It is used to reduce the noise of an image. In this article we… Read More
Company: – Deustche Bank Courses Allowed: – B.Tech. – CSE Eligibility: – 5 CPI and above, 50% and above in 10th & 12th Job Profile:… Read More
I had Wipro Turbo coming to my college (College of Engineering,Trivandrum). Had one online test, one tech round and a HR round. Online round was… Read More
If we don’t assign values to array elements and try to access them, the compiler does not produce an error as in the case of… Read More
A number is called happy if it leads to 1 after a sequence of steps wherein each step number is replaced by the sum of… Read More
Database Management System – Introduction | Set 1 DBMS 3-tier Architecture DBMS 3-tier architecture divides the complete system into three inter-related but independent modules as… Read More
Important Terminology Database: Database is a collection of inter-related data which helps in efficient retrieval, insertion and deletion of data from database and organizes the data… Read More
In this article, some of the most important Java Interview Questions and Answers are discussed, to give you the cutting edge in your interviews. Java… Read More
Number of days – 2 Total number of students applied – 250 Round 1: 15 C Output and 10 Normal Aptitude. 10 C Output– 1… Read More
We have discussed that Java threads are typically created using one of the two methods : (1) Extending thread class. (2) Implementing RunnableIn both the… Read More

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