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Gblog Bi-Wizard School Coding Tournament By GeeksforGeeks – For Class 8-12 Students
Bi-Wizard School Coding Tournament by GeeksforGeeks – ‘Coding is the New Literacy’ and no one can deny this fact! And especially, when it comes to… Read More
Arista recently visited our campus for interns. There were three rounds in total. Initially students were shortlisted based on CGPA(8+). Then there was a primary… Read More
Round 1 This round was an online round consisting of sections for: a) Coding skills- multiple choice questions on trees, arrays etc. b) Computer Science… Read More
Amazon was the first company to visit our university this year. They have taken 3 rounds for selecting students for internship program.  1. Online coding… Read More
Recently DirectI visited our campus for placements for three profiles – 1. Platform Engineer 2. Applications Engineer 3. Operations Engineer This process is for the… Read More
Given a number n, print first n positive integers with exactly two set bits in their binary representation.Examples :   Input: n = 3 Output: 3… Read More
Amazon visited our campus for SDE-1 . Interview process started with an online coding round followed by 4 Face to Face Interviews. All Interview rounds… Read More
Amazon visited our campus for SDE-1. Interview process started with an online coding round followed by 4 face to face interviews. All interview rounds started… Read More
Given a string, find the longest palindrome that can be constructed by removing or shuffling characters from the string. Return only one palindrome if there… Read More
Prerequisite – Set 1 Tech giants look for the candidates who generally are excellent in algorithm designing and coding. You can surely not skip data… Read More
  Some of calendar functions are discussed in the Set 1 1. monthrange(year, month) :- This function returns two integers, first, the starting day number… Read More
Given a sorted array of distinct positive integers, print all triplets that forms Geometric Progression with integral common ratio.A geometric progression is a sequence of… Read More
Round 1 (Online on HackerRank) Duration: 90 minutes 20 MCQ questions mostly based on Operating System, Data Structures and Algorithms and a few puzzles. 2… Read More
There were 5 rounds in total. Round 1: MCQs based on mainly OS and OOP. Q.1 Tell whether a matrix containing 0s and 1s can… Read More
Recently this company visited our campus for software developer profile  Round 1: It was a online test.It consists of 3 sections- aptitude ,MCQ of C, C++, OS, DBMS,… Read More
Recently I got interviewed at Amazon on campus. The process was : Online Round : ———————- A hackkerank contest with 22 questions inclusive of 2… Read More

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