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Gblog Must Do Coding Questions for Product Based Companies
As the placement season is back, GeeksforGeeks is here to help you crack the interview. We have selected some most commonly asked and MUST DO… Read More
Class is the collection of objects. Class is not a real-world entity it is just only templates and prototypes or blueprints. Class does not occupy… Read More
In a fixed thread pool, the number of threads in the pool depends on the type of task. For CPUs-intensive tasks like encryption, implementing hash… Read More
Blurring is a simple and frequently used image processing operation. It is also called as Smoothing. Smoothing of an image removes noisy pixels from the… Read More
Here, we need to write a function that returns the sum of two stated integers. And the function must not utilize any of the arithmetic… Read More
This program is used to Sort the 2D array Across rows. We will use the concept of vector to sort each row. Vector  Vector(): Creates… Read More
Question 1. Evaluate ∫ sec2x/ 1 – tan2x dx Solution: Let us assume I = ∫ sec2x/ 1 – tan2x dx        … Read More
Given an array arr[] consisting of N integers and an array Q[][2] consisting of M queries of the form {L, R}, the task for each… Read More
Given a binary string S of size N, the task is to check if the binary string S can be sorted in decreasing order by… Read More
Given a circular array arr[] consisting of N integers, the task is to find the starting index of the circular array such that the prefix… Read More
Given a singly Linked List L consisting of N nodes and an integer K, the task is to modify the value of each node of… Read More
Given a square symmetric matrix mat[][] of size N, the task is to find the minimum sum possible of an array arr[] of size N,… Read More
Given an array weight[] consisting of weights of N items and a positive integer C representing the capacity of each bin, the task is to… Read More
Given two integers mean and mode, representing the Mean and Mode of a random group of data, the task is to calculate the median of… Read More
Question 11. A plane passes through the point (1, -2, 5) and is perpendicular to the line joining the origin to the point (). Find… Read More
The CSV stands for Comma-Separated Values. CSV files can be used with almost any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets. They differ… Read More