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Gblog GeeksforGeeks Job-A-Thon Exclusive – Hiring Challenge For Amazon Alexa
Getting a job in Product Based Companies is a dream come true for everyone and when we talk about Amazon, every one of us wants… Read More
ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment while 721 is the proposal identifier number. It is a standard interface for Non-Fungible tokens(NFTs), it has a… Read More
This article focuses on discussing the difference between Ethereum and Polygon. Let’s start discussing each of these topics in detail. What is Ethereum? What is… Read More
Let’s see some basic terminologies first as follows: Metamask: Metamask is a cryptocurrency software wallet that interacts with the Ethereum network. web3.js: web3.js is a… Read More
Many applications nowadays use QR codes within their application to hide some information. QR codes are seen within many payment applications which are used by… Read More
There are many apps in which data from the app is provided to users in the downloadable PDF file format. So in this case we… Read More
Many applications want to add different types of audio files to their android applications. These audio files are played using a media player within the… Read More
Most of the applications provide users with the facility of bills to be downloaded from the mobile applications. This type of application gets the data… Read More
Android applications require the usage of hardware devices within the android applications such as microphones or cameras. For using these devices within any android application.… Read More
PDF files are used in many android applications for displaying data in the form of images, text as well as graphics. Many applications are also… Read More
To copy the text/contents of one file to another file, we should know the basics of reading and writing a text file in C++. To… Read More
Proximity-based methods are an important technique in data mining. They are employed to find patterns in large databases by scanning documents for certain keywords and… Read More
1) To reduce the temporary hardness of water, whatever ingredient is added to it? a) Calcium Chloride   b) Sodium bicarbonate  c) Calcium hydroxide d)… Read More
Prerequisite: NP-Completeness, NP Class, Clique, Independent Set Problem: Given an undirected graph G = (V, E) and an integer K, determine if a clique of… Read More
Prerequisites: NP-Completeness, NP Class, Dense Subgraph  Problem: Given graph G = (V, E) and two integers a and b. A set of a number of… Read More
A sparse array or sparse matrix is an array in which most of the elements are zero. Characteristics of Sparse array: The sparse array is… Read More

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