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Gblog Technical Scripter Event 2022 – India’s Biggest Technical Content Writing Contest
GeeksforGeeks presents Technical Scripter Event 2022 – an opportunity to hone your technical writing abilities and get paid fancy, whether you are a student, a… Read More
Round 1(Technical): Interviewer took a brief look at my resume. Basic questions: Tell me about yourself? Asked me questions related to all my projects and… Read More
Aditya Birla Group visited our campus to hire final-year students(2023 Batch). Mechanical, Electrical and Power department were allowed to sit for the online assessment. But… Read More
Informatica visited my campus for the placement drive during the end of May for one year internship. There were five rounds.  Round 1: Online Assessment:… Read More
Difficulty level: Easy Siemens visited our campus for Graduate Trainee Engineer hiring for the freshers with a package of 5 Lacs per annum on 24th… Read More
I’ve applied through  First round : Technical Round : Focused on problem solving(arrays and strings), optimistic approach, programming knowledge and oops, I went with… Read More
What is Retained Earnings? Usually, the profits earned by a business are distributed as dividends among its shareholders. However, a business may decide not to… Read More
For any organisation, it is important to enjoy a sound and strong financial position. A sound financial position helps the business to meet up all… Read More
Cybersecurity is the trending domain of the IT industry. As per the reports, people spend around $70 – $80 Billion on cybersecurity and considering the… Read More
Given some  US Currencies, the task is to check if they are valid or not using regular expressions. Rules for the valid Currency are: It… Read More
Given an Unbalanced binary search tree (BST) of M nodes. The task is to find the N elements in the Unbalanced Binary Search Tree in… Read More
What is Sorting? Arranging data in an increasing or decreasing fashion according to their values is called Sorting.  Below are shown some processes for sorting… Read More
What is Bingo Sort? This Sorting Technique is similar to the Selection Sort in which we first find the smallest element called Bingo Element, and… Read More
Web Development is indeed one of the most high-paying jobs and is also in great demand. But building a website isn’t just enough, developers also… Read More
back(1) You have a browser of one tab where you start on the homepage and you can visit another URL, get back in the history… Read More
What is a Binary Search Tree? A binary Search Tree is a special type of binary tree data structure that has the following properties:   The… Read More

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