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p5.Image reset() Method

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  • Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2020
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The reset() method of p5.Image in p5.js is used to restart an animated GIF and play it from its beginning state. It can be used with a button press or user input to restart the GIF animation. It does not accept any parameters.



Parameters: This method does not accept any parameter.

The example below illustrates the reset() method in p5.js:



function preload() {
    example_gif = loadImage("sample-gif.gif");
function setup() {
    createCanvas(500, 300);
    text("Click on the button to " +
         "reset the animation", 20, 20);
    resetBtn = 
      createButton("Reset Animation");
    resetBtn.position(30, 40);
function draw() {
    image(example_gif, 20, 60, 300, 200);
function resetAnimation() {
    // Reset the animation using
    // the reset() method


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