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Overview of SDCA Cycle

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Prerequisite : Lean Development Model

Developing a software product by following some standard is a better way of problem solving during development and contributing towards continuous improvement. That’s some standardization plays important role before development as it helps in set some standards for creating, designing and developing as a result production is stabilized and a stabilized product is achieved.

In this article we will know about this Standardization-Do-Check-Act cycle, it’s working and finally benefits of it. Let’s start exploring the topic.

SDCA Cycle :
SDCA cycle is widely use in worldwide by the organization to improve their productivity. It stands for Standard Do Check And Act. It also know as an enhanced form of the PDCA means Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. Before planning standardize the working order is important to get productive result. It improves the working of a business and its profit as well as it implements standard.

How does the SDCA cycle work ?

  1. Standardize –
    In this stage product need to be define the goal to be achieved with considering the limits of acceptance. We can define product characteristics, the critical product characteristics and define the operational control indicators. The Standard operating procedure(SOP)  is also defined with the mapping of processes and those who are responsible for executing the SOP.
  2. Do –
    The objective is to comply with the established procedures, it is necessary the team training and the provision of the procedures.
  3. Check –
    This step must check the effectiveness of the previous steps by monitoring the results achieved.
  4. Act –
    The goal of this step is to correct problems that were not previously occurred For example: the results were not as expected, the team was unable to understand the goal. And inadequately working conditions.

Some benefits of SDCA cycle :

  • Improvement easier with SDCA cycle.
  • Help price the bar of improvement standard.
  • Helps to develop lean culture.
  • More possibility for reduce losses.
  • Help in level implementation and improvement in standard.

The SDCA Cycle for LEAN :
The SDCA Cycle in LEAN is very important for every organization for creating a value of perfection. By using SDCA businesses are improve their productivity levels and reduce their error level. It always required patient for implement the process When the objectives are completed and the process is perfected, company will run smoother and productivity levels will improve, a better product should  relent more sales and increase revenue.

LEAN Marketing with SDCA :
Marketing level can be improved by using SDCA. Using SDCA, LEAN marketing focus on customer value. When company use STC an online marketing they achieve a greater success in there product selling field. The main goal of SDCA is to stabilize the product.

Relation between SDCA and PDCA :
SDCA cycle alerts when problem arrives while PDCA cycle encourage the development and new project. SDCA use the process of standardize do check act process meanwhile PDCA use plan do study act process. This process have common approach. 

Finally, It is a process to improvement of product standard. It’s apply in almost every situation. It’s have a higher quality problems solving process and mostly it’s use in lean culture for smoother performance.

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Last Updated : 19 Oct, 2021
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