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Organization Chart in Excel

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  • Last Updated : 27 Jan, 2023
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An organization chart is used to represent the hierarchy of the data in the dataset. Generally, we use an Organization chart to represent the hierarchical relationship and the management structure of teams and organizations. For example, A team manager and the corresponding employees who report to that manager. We can further extend this report to a higher level such as senior managers, CTOs, etc.

Organization Chart

In this example, we will use a random organizational structure of a company and we will create an Organization Chart using that dataset.

Step 1: Create a Dataset

We will be using the following dataset. We will use the relationship between the employees and their corresponding reporting employees to create an organizational chart.



Step 2: Insert Organization Chart

In this step, we will insert an organization chart. For this go to Insert then in the Illustrations group click on SmartArt.



Once we click on Smart Art, excel will open a pop-up where we need to choose Hierarchy from the Organization Chart



After choosing the organization chart we need to click on the OK button. Excel will open an Organization Chart Template for us.



In the above template, we need to enter the text in the left pane, and it will appear in the right organization chart. We need to do mapping of the data according to the relationship between employees and their corresponding reporting employees.



Note: In order to create node from root node in organization chart we need to use TAB and ENTER Key.

Step 3: Formatting Chart

In this step, we will format the organization chart. For this Select Chart and then click on SmartArt Design.



We can format the chart according to our use. Here, first, we are changing the color schema for our organization chart. For this click on Change Colors and choose your own color schema.



We can also use SmartArt Styles to enhance the look and feel of our organization chart.



Step 4: Output.

Once we are done with all the formatting, we will have the following output.



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