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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 27 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 29 May, 2021
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90 Minute Online Round: QUESTIONS were 10 General Aptitude, 20 Coding Skills, DBMS and OS Questions, English. Questions were Easy but every section had a time limit and you cannot use the remaining time for another section.And once you submit you cannot change the answer no negative. 

After first round they shortlisted 76 for Application profile And 39 for Server tech profile. 

Server Tech guys had one hour coding round with 2 questions. 
2. Some overlapping intervals problem I don’t remember But it was Tough. 
Platform was their own Oracle Cloud. 
No Elimination after coding Round. 
Application people had 3 tech Interviews followed by HR. 
Server people had 2 Tech followed by HR. 
For Application Interviews: 

1. Tech(F2F)(For 30-45minutes) 
Basic questions-(Collection of my friends questions also) 
Find each character frequency in string. 
Check whether a palindrome 
Length of Longest Non Repeating Subsequence 
Explain how facebook works 
Why Finally Block is used in java 
Difference between Error and Exception 
Print some Patterns 
Diameter of a tree 
Reverse a LinkedList 
1. 12 balls are there one is defective (may be heavy or light)find the defective ball also whether heavy or light in 3weighs. 
2. Oranges Apple puzzle 
3. Burning Rope puzzle 
4. Stop Clock of 7 and 4 is there measure 9 minutes. 
5. Two trains travel in opposite Directions. Speeds of Trains are given.distance between them is ‘d’.find Speed of bird which is moving from one train to another before the train collides. 
They were giving a feedback of your Coding,ProblemSolving and Communication Skills. 

2. Tech(F2F)(For 60 minutes) 
1. Josepus problem 
2. Detailed Discussion on Project. 
3. Calloc and Malloc differences. 
4. Oracle is the string if your input is “cle” return true, input=”cleo” or “acleor” return true–return true if the input is substring of main string rotation is also considered. 
5. File is there print Each word and it frequency in lexicographic order. 
6. Find 3 and 4 rth highest marks of students in c. 
7. Dining Philosopher problem. 
8. Implement your own rand() function. 
9. Why do we use Graphs? 
10. Mirror tree Generation , no of paths from Source to Destination,Root to leaf Paths.. 
11. Check whether a number is divisible by power of 2. 

3. Tech(F2F)(40 minutes) 
1. Questions on pointers(deep Discussion). 
2. How do you return multiple values from a function. 
3. Why do you use a SelfJoin Examples 
4. When do we use a Left outer join 
5. How memory is Allocated for Structure and Array. 
6. More questions on DBMS. 
7. Bankers Algorithm to Prevent Deadlock. 
8. Difference between compiler and interpreter. 
9. Sieve of Erastonnes for Prime numbers. 
10. Interested in higher Studies? 
11. Some behavior Questions. 

4. HR 
Normal HR questions. 
Why not MS. 
Why Oracle. 
Package Discussions. 

Thank u is really a small word for GeeksforGeeks Your a Life Saver Keep up the GoodWork:) 

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