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Oracle Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2021

Oracle came to my college in the last week of Aug. The rounds were as follows:

Round 1(MCQ Based Questions): This round contained 92 questions. Partitioned into below 4 groups:  

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  • Aptitude – 39 questions, 47 minutes
  • Coding Skills – 16 questions, 25 minutes
  • Computer Science Knowledge – 17 questions, 15 minutes
  • Contextual Communication – 20 questions, 20 minutes

Each of these above groups was further divided into subgroups. Each having a specific no of questions and a time limit.

There was no negative marking.

After a week, I got to know that I am shortlisted along with 50 other students.

Round 2(Technical Round – Zoom Meeting): People were allotted a slot and waited in a zoom breakout room. Following questions were asked from me in this round.

It went for approximately 1hr.  

Round 3(Technical Round – Zoom Meeting): Tell me something about yourself.

  • Discussion on Pointer
  • Compare two strings whether they are equal or not without using any library.
  • 1 more coding question, can’t recall now?

It went for approximately 45 mins.  

Round 4(Technical Round – Zoom Meeting): Tell me about yourself

It went for around 35mins.


  • All Technical Rounds were conducted on the same day.
  • In every round, the video was ON.
  • They told me to share screen and use Notepad for writing the above question’s pseudocode

They shared the result within 3 days. I came to know that I am placed along with 15 more.

Thanks to online platforms like GeeksforGeeks, youtube, leetcode for keeping me in practice. 

Suggestion: Study OOPs concept, DBMS and practice various coding questions.

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