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Oracle Interview Experience for SDE (On-Campus) 2022

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Round 1:(online assessment): This round is a coding round that was conducted on the hacker rank platform. There were 11 questions and we have to solve them in 1.5hrs 

  • Question 1: -Based on DSA
  • Question 2: Based on REST API 
  • Question 3: Based on SQL QUERY 
  • 8 MCQs (OS, Pseudocode, DBMS).

 I solved all the questions and got selected for the interview round.

Round 2: (Technical round):

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Tell Me About Your projects?
  • Write the program to print the name of the student that join on the given date. Firstly I think that he is asking for the SQL query but he wants to code me in C++ and he said to use any data structure to store the information.
  • What is Polymorphism and what type of Polymorphism?
  • Write the code for a real-life example to explain the Run Time Polymorphism.
  • That’s it, I have done with questions. Any questions??

I answered all the questions easily and the interviewer is happy with the answers and got selected for the last interview round.

Round 3:(Technical round and HR Round): 

  • Tell me about yourself.?
  • How was your last round?
  • He opens the resume and ask me about the ML model unfortunately in my college there are 2 students with the same name and sir name i.e Nitin Sharma and he got the resume of another once and he mentioned the ML project in the resume but I am not able to answer the question he said you have made the project on this I said no then he shares his screen and ask that is it not your resume and I said no it, not mine. After that, I never think this will happen he said that in your college semester you have ML then you can answer. But I am not good at the development side and the interviewer is not happy.
  • What is Inline Function?
  • What is Abstraction?
  • What is exception handling?
  • What is the Volatile keyword?

I got the result that I am not selected.

Note: DSA and Core Subject is important but after this interview, I came to know that Development is also equally important in an interview. 

Tip: Cover in detail (Data Structure and Algorithms, Operating System, Object Oriented programming language, and Computer Network).

  • Focus on the development side also I left the development side and I regret a lot after the last round so cover DSA and Development both.
  • Do not  lie in your resume as questions were asked  from your resume also
  • Read as many Interview experiences from GeeksforGeeks of that Company. You will see Question is repeated in an interview.
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Last Updated : 06 Dec, 2022
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