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Oracle Interview Experience for Project Intern (On-Campus) 2021

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  • Last Updated : 05 Aug, 2022
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Job Description: Oracle is super focused on nurturing talent from your school across all these years including the current one. To meet Oracle’s rapidly growing business & resulting talent needs, we are opening Project Intern roles and are looking at candidates from the 2023 graduating batch for Internship.

Business Group: Oracle – NetSuite 
Job Profile: Project Intern 
Job Location: Hyderabad (converted to REMOTE)
Eligibility :B.E./B.Tech with specialization in CSE/ IT – Graduating in 2023 
CGPA: 7/10 and above or a percentage equivalent to 70% and above.

Note: Students should not have Active Backlogs in any semester.

Online Assessment: Students who have registered and met the eligibility criteria mentioned above have got the online assessment link. The test consisted of the following sections in brief.

  • Aptitude.
  • Vocabulary.
  • Computer fundamentals (DBMS, OOPs, Code snippets(C/Java), DSA).
  • There were around 100 questions on all of these topics and all of them were MCQs. 

Technical Round 1: Students who got shortlisted during the online assessment received the Preplacement Talk(PPT) and Interview links. PPT started around 9 AM and lasted for an hour. Technical Interview Round – 1 started around 10 AM. We were put into breakout rooms on zoom till our turn comes. Questions covered in the interview were

  • Introduce Yourself.
  • Technical Concepts (Core Java and OOPs in my scenario).
  • 2 Coding questions.
    • Given a string as input, return a string based on the given example.
Eg: Input: aaaaabbbbccaa  |   Output: a5b4c2a2
  • Given a matrix, sort the rows of the matrix based on the last column value. I have solved using a custom comparator.
Eg: given a 3X3 Matrix,
1 2 5
4 3 1
1 6 3 
4 3 1
1 6 3
1 2 5

After solving both the coding questions, I was put in the lobby to wait for the next round.

Technical Round 2: In this round, I was asked the following questions.

  • Introduce Yourself.
  • Follow-up questions based on your intro.
  • Projects discussion.
    • Coding Question (Find the ceil of a given number in a sorted array).
    • DBMS query (Selection based on ‘GROUP BY’ clause with conditions).

HR Round: 

  • Basic Intro.
  • Education history and achievements.
  • Future Plans.
  • How would you like to contribute to ORACLE?
  • 1 Coding question – (basic string manipulation question).

Conclusion: By EOD(i.e., on 19/10/2021), I was offered this internship opportunity. I would say every round was equally important and challenging. Trust the process and give your best!

Thank you for reading till the end! I hope my interview experience has helped you gain more insights into how the on-campus internship process happens and how to be prepared for it. It’s always a privilege for me to share my knowledge and experiences and I’m always open to such opportunities. Share this blog with your friends/siblings which might help them. 

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